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Gregarious, health conscious, hospitable, business oriented? What about an opportunity with "acai berry", a new product, the buzzword in medical science? A business plan which can be initiated at a very low cost and work at one's own autonomy. With a great remuneration plan and a strong and robust management team, acai berry plantation is roaring success. With an initial set up of part time work, it could lead to a fully established business empire.

Acai berry is a small, black colored fruit, which has natural medicinal and healing powers. Akin to a blue berry the fruit has proved to be a treasure for doctors and medical experts. Being excessively used in juices, ice creams, shakes, candies and bars, its market presence and value is skyrocketing day by day.

With immense potential in marketing this wonder fruit, many people have resorted to be the dealers and distributors for supplying the various products made up of acai. But the real pleasure is in its plantation. Though one can surely volunteer to be the promoter of acai products for any company dealing in it, yet if one has place and a passion for gardening or horticulture then acai vegetation will surely be an over all success.

Geographically Amazon rainforest is world's greatest rainforest and biggest producer of acai berry. As it recycles carbon dioxide into the most precious oxygen it is responsible for one fifth of oxygen produced for the entire population across the globe. Thus to grow acai berry in one's orchid, we need to have certain prerequisites. The tropical environment is essential. The grower needs to build the correct foundation and also need to control the water system, ventilation and surely, temperature. The acai palm can grow tall up to 100 feet. But it's not possible to have that tall a tree in one's green house. Even if the tree attains height up to 5 to 6 feet tall it would give a good yield. A typical acai palm tree gives the fruit in three years. Thus growing acai palm tree in one's house is not only feasible but surely a good investment too.

Thus acai berry has a strong business potential in plantation as well as distribution and marketing. Passion, dedication and devotion towards this nature's wonder are the ingredients for the success of acai berry business plan.

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Acai Berry Business

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This article was published on 2010/03/28