Acai berry capsules – ‘Superfood' from the rainforests of Brazil

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  • Do you usually feel tired and exhausted, regardless how much physical activity you do in the day?
  • Are you looking older than you actually are?
  • Did your doctor warn you about your cholesterol after your health check-up?

Well, all these are signs of a deficiency of important minerals and vitamins in body. However, this does not mean that you should run, grab and pop some vitamin supplements into your diet for a quick fix. Think natural, think of natural foods that provide your body with essential supplements. More than a hundred products online promise to be natural and organic; some of them are completely unproductive while some of them might actually be dangerous. Choose carefully amongst these products as some of them may contain harmful ingredients that may could potentially damage your body.

A good ‘superfood' that has come on the horizon is acai berry. Similar to blueberry, Acai berry is a storehouse of vital ingredients for your body.

About Acai berry fruit

Pure Acai berry works as anti-oxidant and contains powerful plant sterols, b-sitosterol and campesterol. Apart from these, Acai berry also contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Acai berry fruit is high in minerals and contains traces of carbohydrates. With so many useful ingredients, it is no exaggeration if we call Acai berry capsules a ‘superfood'.

Benefits of Acai berry capsules

Various ingredients in Acai berry capsules such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, antioxidants, 19 amino acids, high-density fibre, minerals including potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc can help in more than one way. Here's a detailed explanation of the benefits of Acai berry capsules:

Anti-oxidants – They are known for their anti-ageing properties

B-sitosterol – It helps in conditioning the heart and lowering your cholesterol

Campesterol – It improves the digestive system

Vitamin C – It is known for its infection fighting properties

Vitamin E – For healthy and moisturised skin

Minerals – Essential for general well being

Carbohydrates – Helps to boost energy levels in the body

Pure Acai berry has many excellent therapeutic benefits and Acai berry pills are derived from 100% pure Acai berry. You will enjoy many great health benefits such as increasing your life expectancy, remaining healthy and full of energy, fighting diseases resulting from infections, whilst lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Acai berry capsules can help you to get a peaceful night's sleep and will help you to reduce pain and aches. Acai also helps improve your vision. It is said to improve mental focus and clarity. However, all this is possible only if you find original and genuine Acai berry capsules.

Obtain Acai berry capsules

Ever since Acai has been announced to be a ‘superfood' and the ‘healthiest fruit in the world', many people have jumped on the band wagon and have tried to sell their own supplements as Acai berry capsules. These Acai berry capsules are not natural and may contain nasty chemicals that may could cause side effects such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, oily discharge and heart problems. Therefore, before you obtain Acai berry capsules, make sure they are genuine and 100% natural. One way to obtain genuine Acai berry capsules is to buy from a reputed and trustworthy online source. This might be easier said than done because it is actually sometimes very difficult to find a safe and genuine website amongst the deluge of cheap, nasty and fraudulent dealers who operate online to make a fast buck. However, do not lose hope, as there are websites that are accredited by the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) and they will sell original genuine Acai berry capsules.

Just look for the FIA logo on a website before you obtain Acai berry capsules.

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Acai berry capsules – ‘Superfood' from the rainforests of Brazil

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This article was published on 2011/06/10