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Human sustenance is what this world rotates all around. Maslow's need hierarchy theory puts physiological needs as the primary and first need to be satisfied. It comprises of food, clothing and shelter. In its very raw form its just getting the means to sustain, to live. In its evolved form it included all the various professions and activities which used human brain and body to work. In its advanced form we have termed it as a "career." Christened what, the essence is the same.

Let's move to the segment, which involves sales and marketing. One of the most difficult tasks is to convince or persuade. Customers can be so difficult, berserk, whimsical, carefree, egomaniacs. Why should they buy your product? But what if you offer them their youth? Selling Acai berry, a wonder fruit, has proved to be a great career in sales and direct marketing. Students, part timers, housewives, college girls, retired, senior citizens, are all opting to be free lancers, or self employed agents of distributors and agencies for selling acai berry.

Acai berry has proved to be a natural wonder, a small fruit with medicinal properties to heal, increase our immunity system, and fight serious and deadly non-genetic diseases. Popularly used in ice creams, shakes, pastries, candies the fruit pulp has the requisite chemical properties of an anti ageing drug. With its supernatural healing and preserving youth power it becomes a hot cake to convince or persuade a layman to subscribe to acai berry products. With high incentives and commissions selling acai berry online, or through direct marketing is surely a good career option.

Doctors, medical practitioners and scientists have proved that the fruit has revitalizing powers, thus it becomes easier to market the product. With people getting convinced that they are getting a natural product which could remove their wrinkles and help them preserve their youth without burning their pockets, it just requires the correct salesmanship for a person to have a successful career in this field.

In today's competitive world, when selling insurance policies or bank accounts have become extremely tough, selling acai berry is surely a lucrative career.

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Career With Acai Berry

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This article was published on 2010/03/28