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If you have been looking for the best way to lose weight, you would have come across or been recommended the fantastic acai berry. It has become one of the most talked about natural products with anti aging and weight loss properties. Some people use it because it helps them feel younger, whilst others enjoy increased energy levels. The results are astonishing and this little berry is making waves across the world.

The acai palm tree is native to Central and South America. The trees can grow as tall as fifteen to thirty meters, with large feather like leaves. They can be found in floodplains and mangroves. The dark purplish fruit is found in abundance on the branches, two times a year. The worldwide interest in the fruit has risen and it is highly valued amongst health food enthusiasts. Are you missing out on a fantastic gift from nature?

The berry has a high vitamin and mineral content - such as anthocyanin, calcium, fatty acids, vitamin A and iron. The fruit of the acai palm tree has been effective in being a weight loss food. The nutrients in the acai removes waste and toxins in the body. These are harmful to us, and the berry can help to diminish the bloated feeling we experience, especially women. Our energy levels are increased and our metabolism is stabilized - so we may not be feeling tired all the time.

The acai berry is good for suppressing our appetite that may cause us to eat too much. The berry can improve our cardiovascular health. Improved blood circulation is a good reason why men buy acai products. The peoples of the Amazon have long been admired for their prime health and physique.

Many researchers are doing clinical studies into the purported benefits of this little fruit. In a University of Florida study, they discovered that the acai antioxidants destroyed cultured human leukemia cells. Imagine if they can succeed in getting the same result in a human being.

Wouldn't you like to join the millions who have introduced the acai berry to their regular diet. It would be an important step to becoming a healthier, happier individual.

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Say Yes to Berries - Acai Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/03/31