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I have no doubt the acai berry supplement is one of the most important supplements available to us today. I have research this little grape like berry for the last year and a half and have found it to be very beneficial in a lot of areas.

I won't go into a lot of detail in this article, you can find more at my blog listed below, but suffice it to say the acai berry supplement is loaded with some fantastic stuff. Here is just a brief list of what it can do for us.

Acai berry has been known to help us to burn calories faster. That is right our metabolism is speeded up when we consume the berry fruit. When our metabolism is faster then the fat is burned off faster. This does not mean we can just sit around we will still need to exercise as well.

The acia berry supplement is loaded with anti-oxidants and will help us to flush unwanted toxins from our bodies. The berry has more anti-oxidants than even pomegranate and blueberries. In fact, at the time of this writing the acai berry had the most anti-oxidants than any other fruit.

The acai berry supplement is rich in essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. These essential fatty acids help reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. This should help to reduce the plague in our blood streams. It has also been known for its ability to increase the blood's circulation.

These are of course just a few of the benefits of acai berry supplements but I think you can agree that those are some pretty impressive benefits. Of course non of these benefits have been FDA approved or sanctioned but then very few nutritional supplements get any kind of FDA backing.

I started my research on this product almost two years ago now and have been personally taking the acai berry supplement for better than a year and a half. I began taking a juice form and then decided that the extra sugar was not necessary so I switched to pill form and find it to be very beneficial for me.

My wife, who has been losing her hair, just started to take the acai berry supplement to see if it will help not only her hair loss but also her digestive system. This is one of the benefits that I have found with the acai. It helps to flush us out and get our internal plumbing working more like it was meant to work.

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As I mentioned above you can find some great information at my blog Top Acai Berry where you will learn a lot more about the Acai Berry Supplement that I believe is one of the best if not the best.

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The Acai Berry Supplement

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This article was published on 2010/04/01