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The Maqui Berry is a deep purple berry used for supporting staying power, augmenting strength and promoting healthy immune reply. The Maqui Berry is picked up from the Patagonia area in Chile which is one of the most clean places on this planet. Roughly a year gone the Maqui Berry showed up on racks across America and was launched as the final Superfruit. The difference between this berry and other foods is that the Maqui Berry contains an especially high amount of antioxidants.

Natural Values

The Maqui Berry is packed full of many nutritive benefits. It contains terribly high anthocyanins and polyphenols levels. This berry has ten times more polyphenols in it than red wine. Compared with red wine, there are one hundred times more anthocyanins in it

The exaggerated levels of anthocyanins and polyphenols allow the berry to produce numerous health benefits. It is also a good source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, and Iron.


The raised levels of antioxidants in the Maqui Berry can promote overall fitness. This fruit is frequently used to market healthy ageing and is thought to give the skin with a little extra protection from the sun. Like with the Mapuche Indians, it can be employed to extend staying power and strength. Damage from free radicals is said to be linked to health disparities. It can stop free radicals from damaging the body before they have even done any harm. It neutralises free radicals when having an effect on the body.

This fruit is thought to reinvigorate the body's cells as well as protect them from oxidative stress. It contains anti inflammatory properties which can be good for the body's joints and bones when influenced by agonizing arthritic conditions. When used, this berry promotes health to multiple systems of the body and promotes fit body functions.

It can support the immune reaction and guard it from environmental stress. The berry promotes healthy heart functions,eg increased blood flow. While it is just now becoming generally known about the advantages, the Mapuche Indians have used it to treat many health aliments. The advantages are unlike those of another super food and are always undergoing studies on how many the advantages might actually be.

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Ultimate Maqui Berry

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This article was published on 2010/04/14