Understanding Acai Berry Capsule Products

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Acai berry products are available in various forms currently, of which the acai berry capsules are worthy of mention. These capsules contain a dried powder of acai . The acai  is a native Brazilian fruit that does not last longer than 24 hours once it is harvested. That is the reason the acai berry needs to be processed and preserved in different forms so that it can be commercially sold. This is the reason why the acai berry capsule and other acai berry products exist. These are all commercially viable forms of the acai which enable people outside the rainforest to partake of the benefits of the berries.  

The acai  is a fruit that has high water content. In part, it is this water content that makes it perishable. When these products are converted into capsules, the fruit is first freeze dried. This is a process of desiccation, in which the water content from the fruit is completely removed and it is converted into a dry powder. The powder is then put into a capsule and retailed.  

Removing the water content from the fruit increases the shelf life of the acai quite considerably. Additionally, it increases the concentration of the nutrients present in the fruit. This makes the capsule form of the acai more effective than its other forms that are available such as the pulp and juice forms, which have a significant amount of water content in it.  

The acai berry capsules can be easily obtained online. You can expect these products to be pegged at a higher price than the juice and the pulp because they contain pure acai powder. However, despite the high price, these products have the highest demand because they can be easily popped and they are very convenient to store. They also last longer. Their convenience adds to their popularity.  

Some companies provide trial acai capsules so that you can get acquainted with the product before you decide to use them regularly. Since the acai berry products, especially the capsules, show results within a very short time, it is a good idea to go for these trial efforts and find out whether the product really shows results or not.  

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Understanding Acai Berry Capsule Products

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This article was published on 2010/04/01